Dedicated to the 100 million victims of communism worldwide.
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National Exhibit
National Exhibit
Gunārs Astra
Gunārs Astra (1931–1988). Astra's principled defense of individual and national freedom, summarized in his eloquent and prophetic "final word" during his court trial in 1983, have made him the symbolic hero of Latvian resistance to Soviet occupation.
Eduards Berklavs
Eduards Berklavs (1914–2004). Berklavs was an uncompromising idealist who started as a dedicated career communist and became an equally staunch supprter of national liberation.
Vilis Lācis
Vilis Lacis (1904–1966). A popular writer who became the most visible communist figurehead and functionary during the Soviet occupation of Latvia
Alfons Noviks
Alfons Noviks (1908–1996). Noviks was the most notorious overseer of Soviet state terror in Latvia.
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Location:  Northeastern Europe
Capital:  Riga
Communist Rule:  1940-1941 / 1944-1990
Status:  06.09.91 - independence recognized
Victims of Communism: